Prudential Day (Pru Day) is part of an annual celebration. Lead by the Prudential Team, it usually takes place over the course of one week in October. Pru Day, held on November 2nd was the third of a series of engagement events between Prudential and OYN. In October, OYN and Prudential came together for an Image is Power Workshop – where participants talked about the importance of image and dressing for success – and again for a service project in which they painted a facility. OYN’s partnership with PGIM Real Estate/Prudential focuses on implementing high-impact experiences and opportunities for OYN students and graduates that will enable their work-readiness and long term success.

Pru Day consisted of OYN youth working with Prudential employees to facilitate one-on-one interactions and utilizing the skills they learned in their Construction CTE class. Each student paired up with a Prudential employee and had the opportunity to discuss and practice interview skills and techniques. The exercise consisted of three rounds of mock interviews in which young people were able to gain immediate feedback.

OYN youth were engaged and excited about the opportunity to practice what they learned. One young lady shared, “At first I was nervous but now I am confident. [Following] my first interview I got a lot of feedback, and was able to apply it to my second and third interview. I felt more and more confident as I went on to my other two interviews.” Another student explained, “I feel confident, I learned that answering questions doesn’t have to be related to just work, especially if you don’t work. You can use your experience with family, school, and friends to talk about leadership and answer some questions.”

OYN youth and the Prudential team also worked together to build six garden boxes and delivered them to organizations throughout the community. The day was a huge success.