Having served thousands of NJ’s most promising youth and young adults, and having witnessed their limitless capacity to reimagine and reshape our world, Newark OYN is committed to using our platform to echo and amplify the ongoing demonstrations against state violence, structural inequality and systemic racism. Given our commitment to affirming the value and sanctity of Black life, we join in condemning the tragic and senseless murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and countless others at the hands of the police as well as civilian vigilantes.

As our participants raise their voices in service of a more just and equitable America, we stand proudly in solidarity with their demands for sustainable change. Historically, social movements have benefitted immeasurably from the spirited enthusiasm and unflinching determination of their youngest agitators. As such, we at Newark OYN endeavor to use this moment of justified unrest and social upheaval to redouble our commitment to creating a world where black and brown people enjoy equitable opportunities to grow, to learn, to prosper and to thrive.

Because of our deeply held belief that young people are one of the greatest resources available to the survival of our community, we celebrate this opportunity for them to infuse the spirit of innovation and collaboration cultivated within our programs into the activism they are taking to the streets and bringing to the movement.

It is our hope that you, too, are inspired by the courage our youth are demonstrating and that you, too, will accept the challenge to pursue pathways to justice and sustainable change in our communities. This moment calls upon each of us not only to condemn racism but to act, to organize and to mobilize in ways that hold our leaders accountable and eradicate all barriers to success for Black and brown people in communities all across our state and our country. We encourage you to join us in the fight for safer, more equitable futures for us all. 

Take Action NOW:

  • Consider signing the #JusticeforFloyd petition by texting “Floyd” to 55156