Building healthy community connections is central to YBN’s mission to change the paradigm of youth development and provide disconnected youth with the supports they need to be personally and professionally successful. To that end. there are a number of ways you can get involved. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the ways described below, contact us.


Over the years, NOYN has processed thousands of applications but, due to restricted public funding, was only able to enroll a fraction of that amount. Whether by writing a letter to your local council representative or having a discussion with a community member, your advocacy efforts help us build the public and private support that can broadly transform youth development and alternative education practice.


The impact of mentorship on the life of a disconnected young adult is immeasurable. Before enrollment, many applicants lack positive role models who can help them identify and strive toward positive life goals. Just an hour a week can have a profound impact on a young adult’s well-being, so please consider mentoring one of our students!

Community Partners

Our effectiveness is largely due to the various partnerships we have cultivated over the years. Our partners provide students with vital services ranging from access to healthcare, legal services, and transitional housing. If you are interested in supplying our students with a key support, contact us.


NOYN is always in search of companies, organizations, and programs that can provide students with practical learning opportunities, such as internships. Students have previously interned at the Newark YM/WCA and Newark Community Health Centers. If you are interested in supporting the professional achievement of a disconnected young adult, reach out!

Job Opportunities

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Partner Events

Each year young people within the NOYN community gain exposure to a number of service related events held in partnerships with local, state, and national organizations.