The NOYN Video Series: Episode 1 – The Challenge

This episode features OYN’s executives Robert Clark, Mark Comesañas, Darrell Price, the Mayor of Newark Ras Baraka and OYN students. The focus of the discussion is the overall challenges that OYN is addressing and how it specifically impacts the city of Newark.

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Stanford & NOYN go “Beyond The Farm”

Beyond The Farm is an Alumni Volunteer Service Program that seeks to extend Stanford’s spirit of service to communities around the world. The Alumni Service projects are designed and led by alumni to help make an impact in local communities. Projects vary based on the interests of the project leaders and the needs of partner […]

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Reconnecting Youth

The County Health rankings released in March added a factor that will boost the health, well-being, and economic prospects of thousands of young New Jersey residents. According to the study, there are approximately 7,000 disconnected youth in the State of New Jersey. Of that number, 17% of Essex County youth fall under that classification as compared […]

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Opportunity Youth Network, YouthBuild Newark Launch NJ’s First Charter School for Alternative Education

After over 13 years of providing comprehensive education and workforce training to opportunity youth, YouthBuild Newark (YBN) has partnered with the Opportunity Youth Network (OYN) to launch LEAD Charter School (LEAD), New Jersey’s first alternative education charter school. According to data from Newark Public Schools, there are roughly 7,000 Newark youth between the ages 16­24 […]

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LEAD Charter School will hold its annual enrollment lottery at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Friday, August 23rd, 2019 at 201 Bergen Street, Newark.