In partnership with the Newark Public Schools, Opportunity Youth Network operates the Newark Public Schools’ Restorative Center, under the Office of Student Supports. The Restorative Center utilizes a multi-faceted behavioral intervention designed to support the district’s high school students who are serving long term ‘Superintendent’ suspensions ranging from 5 to 25 days. Students arrive on site at 8:30am and are dismissed at 2:00pm. 

The program model encompasses three (3) Primary Objectives:

  1. Social Emotional Growth
  2. Academics
  3. Completing Restorative Project (after gaining insight)

Social Emotional growth is achieved through:

  • Intensive counseling that seeks to challenge chronic behaviors and thinking processes while aiming to strengthen self-esteem and build coping/life skills
  • Basic case management (including family) and goal setting
  • Daily Support Groups
  • Peer Leadership & Accountability
  • Community Building
  • Self Assessment (via point system)

Students who complete the Restorative Program and are placed back in their sending school with a development plan, suggestions on interventions, and/or referrals for services that support the students in thriving and managing the problematic behaviors once back in the school setting.