I attended Central High School from 9th grade through November of 11th grade. I got pregnant and stopped attending school. After two years I re-enrolled in school in April of 2017. Once I went to the Re-engagement Center, I chose LEAD Charter School as my placement. LEAD gave me the option to make up my missed credits and stay eligible to receive a high school diploma.

“At LEAD Charter School, the staff made us feel more independent and trusted us.”

“LEAD Charter School impacted my life because it gave me another chance, my last chance!! I started to understand that people are not going to wait for you. I was told had I attended a traditional public school, I would not have attained my high school diploma considering the lack of adequate credits.

“At LEAD Charter School, the staff made us feel more independent and they trusted us. I felt more trusted in this school compared to other schools. LEAD gave us chances to fix our mistakes and never gave up on us, despite several setbacks initially. They treated us as adults rather than as children.”

Antum is currently enrolled full-time at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey, majoring in General Science, while working for the AMC Dine-In Theatre brand. She’s the proud mother of a 2-year old son having aspirations to become a Respiratory Therapist and to continue growing into her best self.