“They taught me how to use my voice in a positive way to educate and elevate my community and the people around me.”

“I was in an environment where I felt unprepared and unfit to do better in society. I  had no encouragement and no one to support me, uplift me, and to push me to do better. I wanted a school that not only cared about my academic improvement, but also cared about my personal well-being. So, during the summer, I and a couple of my friends came across LEAD and decided to give it a try together. And, quite frankly, it was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.

“This program gave me structure and a strong foundation for a better life. It prepared me for what is to come.  LEAD played a big part in the way I interact and converse with others, and LEAD taught me how to use my voice in a positive way in order to educate and elevate my community. I learned that LEAD staff invests their time into young people’s lives. LEAD  exemplifies uplift and support. It’s clear that it’s neither about how smart you are nor how slowly you learn. It’s about the effort you put into completing the goal you set for yourself, as well as helping others to achieve theirs.” Netesha aspires to be a social worker and a therapist. She is passionate about helping children and teenagers by encouraging self-pride and self-confidence,  no matter what path they choose in life. Currently, Netesha is a freshman at Bloomfield College majoring in Sociology.”