“Prior to attending LEAD Charter School, I had just moved from Brooklyn, New York with hopes of a better lifestyle. School has always been a struggle for me due to challenges I faced at home. LEAD gave me the opportunity to thrive unlike other public schools. I was 18 when I first started at LEAD with the credits equivalent to a 9th grader. Other schools said my age would most likely max out before I would be able to graduate.

“LEAD set itself apart from other schools by asking me what I wanted to achieve. Simply, I wanted to graduate high school. Immediately, LEAD prepared a plan to help me reach that goal. I had to increase the number of classes I’d take in order to graduate on-time. What also makes LEAD unique is the relationship they automatically build with students, which gives us the extra encouragement needed to push through.   

“Upon graduating from LEAD, I applied to Bloomfield College where I’m currently enrolled as a Sociology major. I’m part of the Educational Opportunity Fund program at my college, as well as an intern with the Dean of Student Affairs.”